Cards for Gaming, Debit, Loyalty, and more

Active since 1994, Loyalty Card Payment Systems has grown into an organization specialized in any card program. Either you need cards for your Casino for Gaming. You need cards for your loyalty program, for access to hotel rooms, prepaid debit cards for students, saving cards for point programs, or simply because you want to give your customers a brand card. Loyalty Card Payment Systems has it. We offer high quality cards at a very competive price.

Many of our customers use unique cards. Fully customized. Cards vary from simple plastic card, magnet card, chip card, debit card to credit card. Loyalty Card Payment Systems works together with well known financial parties such as Mastercard, VISA, and various banks at home and abroad.

What we do

Cards are still a very powerful marketing tool. We know what we are talking about. We already deliver cards for more than 20 years. Cards help you build a stronger relationship with your customer. Loyalty Card Payment Systems strength is in customized card programs. From promotional cards to gaming cards to access cards. Physical cards as well as virtual cards.

Ready to learn more?

Your own unique card? For access to hotel room, special programs, RFID, magnet, chip, debit or credit card?

Casino access. Hotel room key. Point save cards. Multi purpose cards!

Savings cards, points, Euros, discount. Ideal for short and long-term loyalty programs

Collect points on the chip or via web or app. Get discount on showing your card. Loyalty Card Payment Systems offers many variations on promotions and loyalty programs

Gaming Cards

Let your customer save points through a combination of on or in pack promotions or based upon sales volume. We provide the program, deliver the shops where points can be submitted and provide the onpack promotions.

Looking for a card?

Tailor-made cards for every program or, for example, for access to a hotel room, casino, or whatever.

Why are we different

Loyalty Card Payment Systems is an internationally operating organization. The people behind Loyalty Card Payment Systems have been active in Loyalty, Marketing and Advertising for over 20 years. The promotions are supported by a professional advertising agency, Ambasco, from Haarlem. Due to the strong combination of partnerships with participating promotional partners as well as marketing and financial institutions, Loyalty Card Payment Systems is able to quickly bring any desired promotion online. Every program, whether it is a short-term promotion or a long-term benefit program, is tailor-made and of course fits in seamlessly with the client’s business strategy in cooperation with the client.

New ideas. New chances. Loyal customers.

Do more for your customer. We help you!


Cups of coffee

some examples

Plast cards

For any purpose, badges for events, customer cards, loyalty ID cards, museum cards

Mag strip cards

Ideal for holding data like name, number. Easy to read through a mag stripe reader

Contact smart cards

A visible chip card. Cards for access, payment, load points

Contactless smart cards

An invisible chip. The chip is incorporated in the plastic of the card. No physical contact required. Cards for access, payment, load points.

Special form and sizes

Cards can be designed in any form and shape. Let us surprise you!

Want to know the cost of our cards?

The best promotions come from partnerships. Collaborate with parties that are not active in your market. That appeal to your customers. We know the market. We have built up a huge number of contacts in more than 20 years. A network that we are happy to use for you!

Lets work together. Shall we?